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What to know BEFORE you go!

Each venue has different set ups and facilities.

Meets are well attended- bigger ones have thousands of people.

Plan your day:

  • Track meets can last a long time.  The length of time you are there depends on a few factors:

    • Number of events taking place

    • Number of athletes competing

    • The order of events

    • What events you are competing in

  • Relays run at the end of the meet.  If you are in a relay, plan to stay until the end.

  • Plan travel and parking time.  All event locations except the WM meet are outside Passaic County

  • Some venues have only offsite/street parking.

  • Track & field takes place rain or shine, hot or cold.  Please dress accordingly.  

How to find us:

  • Look for the JHTC Tents at each meet.  We will have a banner on our tent identifying us.  This is our ‘home base’. 

  • Our team gathers at the tent to wait for events and returns here when events are complete.


At the Meet

  • Races generally run in the order they are listed and are separated by age group and gender. 

  • Several track events are run in multiple heats. 

  • Race results are then posted later on so you can view results

  • Field events run at the same time as races, and follow the same split by age group and gender. 

  • If your athlete is participating in a field event and their race event is called, they must attend that race.  They can always go back and fit in a jump or a throw; the meet cannot rerun a race. 

  • Field event results as posted later in the meet.

  • When the events are called, racers need to report.  For example, they will announce “100m dash, age 7-8 girls, first call”.   

  • They call three times.  Once it is final call, they group the racers into different heats to run their event.

  • For field events, athletes report directly to their field event location.  


  • Parents can escort your athlete to the entry point but you cannot walk them onto the field. 

  • We will work to bring all JHTC athletes for an event over as a group if possible. 

  • Coaches are on the field at most events

  • You can watch your athlete from anywhere outside the track you’d like. 


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