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FAQ Page

When and where do you practice?

Practices are typically Tuesday and Thursday, but dates vary based on facility availability.

Practices are 6:30-8p.m. (shorter for young athletes.

Practice location is at the WMHS Track & baseball field


Is practice mandatory?

No, but we suggest that your child attend all practices each week.


How many athletes are on the team?

JHTC has been growing annually.  We expect to field a team of 100 athletes each year, but reserve the right to accept more or less based on our coaching staff.  


Is this program only for West Milford kids?
Registration is offered first to returning athletes and West Milford residents.  We then open up registration to out of town athletes until we’ve reached our maximum.


When is Track and Field season?

Practices begin early March

Competition is early April - mid-June

Championship season is end June-early August.  Championship season is optional and only applies to athletes that have qualified for Regional and National level events. 

Does my child have to compete?

While not mandatory, we encourage all athletes to compete.  As Track & Field is a sport measured by personal bests, the best way to measure progress is through competition where times and distances are measured and recorded.


How many meets do you attend?

The program typically attends 6 meets as a team, but may participate in more if opportunities arise.

When and where are track and field meets?

Meets are typically on Sundays from April-June

Locations vary- this is a travel team

Are track and field meets long?

Track and field meets can run several hours to the entire day, depending on when your event is scheduled in the meet and how many athletes are competing in total.


What do I bring to a meet?

Please click here for Meet info 

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