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  • Every Athlete will have their temperature taken before joining the group. (If your child registers over 100 degrees F

  • Every athlete is asked to wash their hands right before coming to practice with soap. (20 seconds) If you are unable to do so before coming we will have hand sanitizer at the track for you.

  •  All parents will be asked to fill out a form that must be handed in each practice. No exceptions! We will have extra forms at practice just in case. 

  • Athletes, parents, and coaches must be present and wearing a mask.

  •  Athletes, parents, and coaches are required to socially distance themselves whenever possible.

  • All athletes must have a water bottle that is clearly labeled (cannot be shared) 

  • Athletes will need to wear a mask during warm-ups or any time they can not socially distance themselves. They can take them off when running. Neck gators seem to work best for kids because they are always on them.  

  • No sharing food/snacks amongst team members. 

  • Lastly, we will adhere to ALL safety guidelines regarding meets

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