Head Coach

Matthew Romeo


Occupation:  Owner Romeo Paining Plus- Painter (House/Commercial)

Past sports:

  • Soccer and Basketball until High School

  • Spring Track began my Freshman year of HS

  • Winter Track- began my Sophomore year after I was cut from the Basketball team.  


  • When I'm not with my wife, Tiffany, and son, Waylon, I enjoy working on cars, riding my motorcycle or anything outdoors!

    • Skiing and Snowboarding​

    • Boating, wakeboarding & waterskiing on Greenwood Lake

  • One of the great things about growing up here is that we get to enjoy the outdoors every season!​

Fun facts:  

I met Coach Brian Leslie my Sophomore year during Winter Track.  He coached me to 2 County High Jump titles and 3 First Team All County Awards.  He got married during this time and I went to his wedding.  I'm also nationally certified to teach Snowboarding and was a ski and snowboard instructor as a teenager.

Favorite Food:  I love steak, but I can't go wrong with a good pizza, burrito, Chinese or hamburger.  I am always up for good food!